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Aka Ms Remoteconnect Minecraft Crossplatform

From the beginning, video games have been a never-ending source of entertainment for youngsters (and their families), with endless titles to lose themselves in for hours on end.

And Minecraft has left its mark—since its first PC (Java) release, it is now more widely available than ever, both online and on consoles such as the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and XBOX 360, as well as mobile devices. (Check out these mind-blowing Minecraft stats.)

While even simple gameplay, such as solo play with the original edition, provides hours of amusement, this addition, the power of modding, and the growing variety of ways to play Minecraft with friends has surely taken things to the next level.

There are a few various ways to enjoy the ever-popular sandbox adventure—and each multiplayer experience offers its own distinct benefits—from simply playing with people under the same roof to connecting with friends across the county and even abroad.

Do you want to learn a little more about the game before you start playing? Here are some helpful Minecraft resources for parents who want to learn more about Ender Dragons and mods.

What is the best way to play Minecraft with friends?

Setting up a LAN, building a private Minecraft server, playing Minecraft Realms, or simply sharing the screen on their chosen console are all options for playing Minecraft with pals.

Bedrock Edition of Minecraft

Before we get started, it's crucial to remember that the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft will have distinct options when it comes to playing with friends. And, while there is some overlap between the two, knowing what your child is working with is important for effective instruction!

On the one hand, the Java edition of Minecraft is compatible with Mac, Linux, and PC, so it may be used to connect with friends that use computers. It's no surprise that the Java edition is easier to use for creating Minecraft mods, which requires Java.

Minecraft Bedrock is console compatible, so it's ideal for kids who want to play on Nintendo or Xbox consoles.

Both the Bedrock and Java versions of the game have realms and private servers (more on that later!) that can be used to connect with other players.


LAN stands for Local Area Network, and it's a terrific way for kids to play Minecraft with their pals when they have visitors and everyone is on the same WIFI network.

To get started, you'll need a host computer that can run the game while also serving as a server for others, which may be difficult. The LAN option, on the other hand, stands out as a pretty quick setup if you have one. Given that the game-player pool is limited to those connected to the home's WIFI, there's also the added bonus of online safety, which is music to any parent's ears.

Minecraft private server

The phrase "server" can be frightening, especially when your children are connecting to random public servers populated by strangers and unknowns.

Lot of that risk is avoided by putting up your own private server, as you'll have a much better handle on who's connecting to and playing in your child's virtual worlds.

Given that we're still talking about IP addresses, these instructions are intended for parents supporting their children with setup. To put it another way, kids shouldn't be doing any of this without their parents' approval.

What is the reason for this? Anyone with your external IP address will be able to join your server and play in your Minecraft world if you set up and maintain an online server. Naturally, this is something grownups should be aware of.

On that subject, keeping a running record of who you and your kids are inviting to play on the server is a smart idea. Of course, the ideal approach to ensure that online gaming is as secure as possible is to invite only people you know and trust.

Realms in Minecraft

Another alternative is Minecraft Realms, which is similar to renting a Mojang server and allowing youngsters to play with their peers.

Realms enables for a lot easier and perhaps even safer experience than setting up your own server. In terms of console setup, for example, players only need to create a world and then click the "create" Realm’s button to begin the simple procedure. Check more information at https aka ms remoteconnect.

In terms of security, Realms contains built-in safeguards. Players may only join a Realms world if they have received a formal invitation, however with the server we explained earlier, anyone with the IP address can join.

Realms is a terrific alternative for kids who only want to play with their closest buddies.